Photo PointsRoute
Start PointHong Kong Park
Olympic Square
→ Cotton Tree Drive → Tramway Path
CP1Bowen Road Aqueduct→ Brewin Path → Clovelly Path → Chatham Path → Barker Road → Hospital Path → Severn Road → Plantation Road → Findlay Road → The Peak Galleria → Pok Fu Lam Reservoir Road → Pok Fu Lam Road → Pok Fu Lam Village
CP2薄扶林草廬→ 置富花園 → 置富道 → 薄扶林道 → 華富道巴士站 → 上雞籠灣臨時休憩處 → 港島徑2段 → 架空電纜維修徑(或 港島徑二段引水道)→ 貝璐道 → 引水道 → 香港仔健身徑
CP3Dam (1931) of the Aberdeen Upper Reservoir→ Aberdeen Fitness Trail → Aberdeen Reservoir Road → Wan Chai Gap Park → Black's Link → Wong Nai Chung Gap Road → Tai Tam Reservoir Road → Tai Tam Upper Reservoir Masonry Aqueduct
CP4Tai Tam Byewash Reservoir, Workmen's Quarters→ Sheung Tam Stream → Hong Kong Trail Section 6 → Quarry Pass Pavilion → Mount Parker Road
Finish PointQuarry Bay Mount Parker Road 

Event Period

20/03/2021 – 25/04/2021 Participants must complete the Event Route in one go between March 20 and April 25, 2021, and take photos with the bib visible at all designated checkpoints. Participants must upload records of the Event and related information via the link provided in the registration confirmation email. Participants can join the activity multiple times during the Event period, and choose the best record to upload.

Upload Result

1. Check Point Photos

clearly show the bib no., location and participant

2. Finished Route Map

capture the screen and upload the image

3. Finished Event Record

share the link of event record




Registration fee



Photo Points

Start Point

Hong Kong Park Olympic Square

CP 1

Bowen Road Aqueduct

CP 2


CP 3

Dam (1931) of the Aberdeen Upper Reservoir

CP 4

Tai Tam Byewash Reservoir, Workmen's Quarters

Finish Point

Quarry Bay Mount Parker Road

Self-support Points

The Peak Galleria
Pok Fu Lam Village Kiosk
Aberdeen Country Park Kiosk
Wan Chai Gap Park Kiosk

*For Reference Only


大會建議使用 STRAVA App / 香港遠足路線 / Garmin 等行動應用程式作路線記錄,並以當中的連結分享功能上載活動記錄.手錶/手機如沒有連結分享功能,參加者必須另外截圖作上載.

Strava 行動應用程式操作流程如下:

1. Strava 應用程中打開活動記錄

2. 從活動中選取分享鍵

3. 選擇複製分享連結

4. 把連結上載到大會活動記錄