Once the registration is confirmed, means the participants have read and agreed to be bound by theTerms and ConditionsParticipants also expressly confirm that will not make any claim against the Organizer, its agents, sponsors, supporting organizations/persons (or any director, employee, staff, agent, contractor or other associated person of any of the above organizations/persons) or hold any of them responsible for any matters set out in paragraph 5 of the “Risks and Liabilities of the Event” section of the terms and conditions and agree to absolve them from all liabilities set out therein. Further, Participant expressly consent to the collection, storage and use of personal data by the Organizer’s agents, successors, supporting organizations and other related entities and persons who receive such data from the Organizer as described in paragraph 1 of the “Personal Data of Participants” section of the terms and conditions for purposes related to the Event.