Gifts for ALL

 Waterproofed Cross Body Bags

Each participant can get 1.

 Waterproofed Coins Purse

Each participant can get 1.


Each participant can get 1 after the result is confirmed.

Special for YOU

Triton Seamless Towel

Early Bird Period (Feb 25 – Mar 5)Each participant can get 1. 

Size: 80cm x 40cm

*Quota: 100,first come first serve

(Early Bird Period has ended, Thank You!)

Personalised Bib No.

Early Bird Period (Feb 25 – Mar 5)Participant can choose the favourite no.

No. Scope: 0001 – 9999

*Each bib no. is unique,first come first get

(Early Bird Period has ended, Thank You!)

New Hale V Tape

RFW2021 Reserved Quota participant can get 1

*Random colour

Add-on Series


Breathable and fast drying material,basket and water design at the back,you can choose to print your name on the Tee.

Price: $200 (Print Name + $50)

**Name: max. 10 UPPERCASE letters and digits including spacing

NRC Sunglasses

Lightweight and comfortable,made in Italy with tailor-made design.

Price: $900

Limited stock,first come first get

Cambodia Household Bio-sand Filter

To build a bio-sand filter for a Cambodian family, the filter can effectively eliminate 99% of fatal batericas and impurities by using different kinds of sands and microbes.To share the happiness, donors will receive a project report once the project is completed.

Add-on Donation: $550